Fisher® 95 Series Regulators: A Quick Guide

The Fisher® 95 series regulators are direct-operated, downstream pressure-regulating devices for clean, non-viscous fluids.  How Fisher® 95 series regulators operate Fisher® 95 series regulators have a pretty basic operation principle — they balance the forces of the downstream pressure registered by the diaphragm (upward ...Read More

Vortex Flow Meters 101

You know what vortex flow meters do, but have you ever wondered how they work? Let’s dive right in, starting with a little history. Kármán’s Vortex Street In 1911, Theodore von Kármán, a modern engineer and mathematician, discovered that if a fluid passes a ...Read More

Calibrating Flow Meters: What You Need to Know

Before sending a flow meter out into the field, it’s essential that the flow tubes are calibrated correctly. Doing so will ensure that your instrument performs accurately and reliably. When you purchase a flow meter, be sure to answer these critical questions so we ...Read More

How To Install a Meter on a 3051 Transmitter

Installing a meter onto a transmitter is a fairly straightforward process. If you still have questions after watching the video and reading the directions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (314) 665-1741. Step 1: Replace the board The first thing you need ...Read More

Your Quick Guide to Manifolds

Manifolds are used when you need to isolate your process connection. It sounds simple enough, but given the wide variety of manifolds available, the subject of “manifolds” can be confusing. To help clear up some questions, we’ll lay out some of the different kinds ...Read More