Cash Valve Type B Industrial Valves Now Available for Direct Purchase on Valves Depot

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Cash Valve Type B iron and bronze industrial valves are now available for purchase on the Valves Depot website. 

Cash Valve is a leading manufacturer of pressure control devices — including pressure regulating and back pressure valves — for a wide range of process media and applications. The valves are available for steam, air, liquids, and process gases for both industrial and cryogenic service.

You can browse the selection available for direct purchase here: 

Cash Valve Type B Industrial Pressure Regulators – Bronze Body

Single-seated, spring-loaded, direct-acting diaphragm-type regulators for water/air or steam service


Cash Valve Type B Industrial Pressure Regulators – Iron Body

Single-seated, spring-loaded, direct-acting, diaphragm-type regulators for steam or water/air service


And you can view the full Cash Valve lines, available for purchase via phone or email, here: 

Cash Valve – Industrial

Cash Valve – Cryogenic

For more information or to place an order, please contact us.

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