Don’t Forget to Update Device Descriptions for Your HART® Communicator

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Updating the device descriptions for your HART communicator is critical — if you don’t keep up with it, you won’t be able to use the communicator to its full potential.

Why updating device descriptions is important

When original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) release new transmitters, the instruments come with new firmware revisions within the software. And when you buy a HART® communicator, it comes preloaded with device descriptions that will only recognize specific firmware.

So when you purchase new instrumentation, you need to update those device descriptions so the HART® knows what it’s “talking to.” Otherwise, the HART® usually enters a generic mode, which limits you as far as what parameters you can adjust and how you can configure things.

What you need to update device descriptions

To update your device descriptions, you need to maintain a license. That way, you’ll also have the ability to hook up to an RIDA — or “red eye” — sensor and download the descriptions you need from online.

Emerson is only offering licenses on 475s. Unfortunately, if you have an older model, your communicator is simply set with the device descriptions that were already loaded.  

Still have questions about updating device descriptions? Call us at (314) 665-1741.  


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