Extend the Life of Your Kunkle Valve With Regular Maintenance

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Performing regular maintenance on your Kunkle safety or relief valve can help extend the life of the valve.

Below, we’ve outlined a few recommendations for putting together a simple and effective maintenance plan. 

  • Twelve months after installing a new Kunkle valve (or sooner), perform your first visual inspection. Look for: 
    • Clogged drains and discharge pipes
    • Dirt buildup around the seat 
    • Broken, damaged, or missing parts and seals
  • After your initial inspection, set a regular maintenance and testing schedule. Maintenance intervals depend on your service conditions and the age of the valve and can range anywhere between every two months to every six months. 
  • Test your valve by raising the system pressure to the valve’s set pressure or by operating the hand lever. 
  • Only use Kunkle valve parts for repairs. 
  • Allow only VR-stamp certified technicians to perform repairs or adjustments on your Kunkle valve. 
  • Never paint or otherwise cover any working or internal valve parts. 

If you need further assistance with valve maintenance or replacements, give us a call at (314) 665-1741. 

Source: Kunkle Valve Operating and Safety Instructions

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